Chaika LLC L-65 Seabear VH-OMS completes flight from England to Australia
Cockpit of Chaika LLC L-65 Seabear VH-OMS. This aircraft arrived at Aldinga Airfield after a four month journey from England. Micheal Smith flew his L-65 Seabear from England to Australia as a 100 year celebration flight, recreating the Journey Sir Ross Smith and Sir Keith Smith took in 1919, in their Vickers Vimy aircraft. The Seabear followed the same route as the Vimy, taking exactly 28 days to fly from England to Darwin. He then recreated the journey the Vimy took through Australia, taking three months to get from Darwin to Adelaide. Aircraft is photographed at Aldinga Airfield, Adelaide - the final destination for the four month journey. This aircraft is currently the only Chaika L-65 flying, and the only Seabear on the Australian aircraft register.